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Custom ordering for the apps and models in the admin app. You can also rename, cross link or exclude models from the app list.


  • Reorder apps in admin index - this will allow you to position most used apps in top of the page, instead of listing apps alphabetically. e.g. sites app before the auth app
  • Rename app labels easily for third party apps without having to modify the source code. e.g. rename auth app to Authorisation for the django admin app.
  • Split large apps into smaller groups of models.
  • Reorder models within an app. e.g. auth.User model before the auth.Group model.
  • Exclude any of the models from the app list. e.g. Exclude auth.Group from the app list. Please note this only excludes the model from the app list and it doesn’t protect it from access via url.
  • Cross link models from multiple apps. e.g. Add sites.Site model to the auth app.
  • Rename individual models in the app list. e.g. rename auth.User from User to Staff


The full documentation is at


Install django-modeladmin-reorder:

pip install django-modeladmin-reorder


  1. Add admin_reorder to INSTALLED_APPS:

  2. Add the ModelAdminReorder to MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES:

  3. Add the setting ADMIN_REORDER to your

        # Keep original label and models
        # Rename app
        {'app': 'auth', 'label': 'Authorisation'},
        # Reorder app models
        {'app': 'auth', 'models': ('auth.User', 'auth.Group')},
        # Exclude models
        {'app': 'auth', 'models': ('auth.User', )},
        # Cross-linked models
        {'app': 'auth', 'models': ('auth.User', 'sites.Site')},
        # models with custom name
        {'app': 'auth', 'models': (
            {'model': 'auth.User', 'label': 'Staff'},